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Culture In Content



Randall explains the purpose and development of this section of his Web site called Culture in Context.

What is the main learning objective of this section of your Web site?

The main objective is to give learners new opportunities to improve their listening skills with unscripted and natural samples of English in a video format. 

How did you select the topics for the interviews?

First, I selected topics, in part, to align with other listening activities on the Web site, so learners can recycle similar topics for additional language practice.

Second, I chose high-interest topics in everyday life that would interest teachers and learners

Who are the people in the interviews?

The voices are my adult children who have appeared in many of my listening activities for the past 20 years. Now, you get to meet them close up and personal. 

How long are the interviews?

Most of the interviews are between 2-5 minutes, a very digestible length for language learning. 

What levels of difficulty are these interviews?

These interviews are for intermediate to advanced learners, due in part the the unscripted nature of conversations. We wanted to make them as authentic as possible without digesting the language for the consumption of the learn. Enjoy.

How are the interviews and activities organized?

Each activity will have several key parts:

  1. A pre-listening question to stimulate thought around the topic.
  2. A list of vocabulary that appear in the interview with sample sentences to learn how the words are used in context.
  3. The video.
  4. A comprehension quiz that focuses on the main points of the interview.
  5. Post-listening questions that recycle the topic and vocabulary from the video. Some deal with general comprehension, and others deal with inferring meaning.
  6. A list of related listening activities on my site that can extend learning on similar themes.
What is the timeline for this project?

My initial plan is to release new videos throughout 2023, based on feedback from users. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions.


A Healthy Lifestyle – With Emily 

Annoying Drivers – With Aubrey

Aubrey’s Favorite Things – With Aubrey 

Birthday Celebrations – With Aubrey

Budget Travel Accommodations – With Aubrey 

Camping Experiences – With Emily 

Childhood Tech Tricks and Tales – With Aubrey

College Roommates – With Aubrey

Christmas – With Aubrey 

Competitive Eating – With Emily

Cooking Tips – With Aubrey and Emily 

Cracking the Interview Code – With Aubrey

Credit Cards – With Aubrey 

Decoding Online Health Information – With Aubrey

Daily Annoyances – With Emily 

Dogs or Cats? – With Aubrey

Dream House – With Aubrey

Driving Lessons – With Aubrey 

Eating Preferences – With Aubrey

Economic Woes – With Aubrey and Emily 

Elevate Your Style with Color – Aubrey

Favorite Classes – With Aubrey 

Favorite Ways to Travel – With Aubrey

Favorite Websites – With Aubrey and Emily

First Job Experiences – With Aubrey 

Friendship – With Aubrey

Game-Changing Innovations  – With Aubrey

Getting a Tattoo – With Aubrey

Gift Giving – With Emily  (NEW)

Gift Suggestions – With Aubrey

Grocery Stores – With Aubrey 

Home Safety – With Aubrey 

Homestay Experiences – With Aubrey

“I didn’t do my homework!” – With Aubrey

If You Had a Million Dollars – With Emily

Independence Day – With Aubrey

Internet Addiction – With Aubrey

Introverted or Extroverted? – With Aubrey and Emily 

Introductions – With Michael  

Is it Okay to Lie? – With Aubrey and Emily 

Island Survival – With Aubrey and Emily

Job Hunting Strategies – With Aubrey 

Learning a Foreign Language – With Aubrey 

Life in Space – With Aubrey

Life of a Ceramic Artist – With Emily

Life Memories: Have You Ever?  – With Aubrey 

Managing Stress in Our Lives– Aubrey

Meeting New People – With Aubrey

My Dream Car – With Aubrey

My Favorite Meal – With Emily 

My Favorite Vacation Memory – With Emily

My Neighborhood  – With Aubrey 

New Year’s Day – With Aubrey

Online Dating – With Aubrey

Online Learning – With Aubrey

Online Shopping – With Aubrey and Emily   (NEW)

Overseas Travel – With Aubrey

Pet Ownership – With Emily 

Phones in the Classroom – With Aubrey

Popular Outdoor Activities – With Emily

Qualities of a Good Leader  – With Aubrey

Road Rage – With Aubrey and Emily

Saving the Environment – With Aubrey

Secrets of College Success – With Aubrey

Spending Spree – With Aubrey

Student Excuses – With Emily

Superpowers – With Aubrey and Emily 

Thanksgiving Day – With Aubrey 

Theater Versus Home Movies – With Aubrey

The Future of AI – With Aubrey and Emily

The Future of Robots – With Aubrey

The Ideal Friend – With Emily

The Impact of Social Media – With Aubrey and Emily

The Value of Money – With Aubrey and Emily

Tipping Customs – With Aubrey

Travel Destinations – With Aubrey and Emily

Unmasking Stereotypes – With Aubrey

Unveiling News Bias: A Closer Look – With Aubrey and Emily

Utah Sightseeing – With Aubrey

What Constitutes a Sport? – With Aubrey and Emily

What is Success? – With Aubrey and Emily

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