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ESL Study Handouts



This page contains handouts that can be used to (a) familiarize users with this site and (b) help teachers and students keep track of their learning on this site. Most of the files were created in both PDF and/or MSWord Format. Have an idea for a new handout for your students? Please contact me with your suggestions.

Classroom Handouts

Randall ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Information Sheet

  • This three-page document explaining the features of the lab and how the site can be used for teaching and learning. 

>> [ Download: PDF ]

Free Online Listening Web Sites – Announcement

  • A one-page handout teachers can use to inform students about all of my listening sites. 

>> [ Download: PDF ]

Randall ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Quick Reference Guide

  • A one-page guide on how to use the site for first-time users. 

>> [ Download: PDF  ]

Randall ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Small Leaflet

  • A small leaflet that teachers can pass out to students containing a basic description of the site and the URL.

>> [ Download: PDF  ]

Homework Sheet – Self-Grading Quizzes

  • A self-reporting worksheet in which students can record the date, their score on listening quizzes, and vocabulary they learned from each activity. Students are also encouraged to write sample sentences for each new word so they learn how to use the vocabulary in context.

>> [ Download: PDF ]

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