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Many teachers and students have asked for longer listening activities that can stretch their listening endurance to new levels. Well, I have created these video activities which were created based on live broadcasts about a wide range of topics. Each video activity includes learning activities and a quiz to improve your English. I suggest watching this video to learn how to make the most of video on this site, including how to slow down the audio and reposition the video window for better viewing.

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Episodes 11-20
Randall woke up with an idea that kept rattling his brain. In response to this, he will be discussing the topic of vocabulary development and how to concepts of the Big Bang and word webs can be the tools to greater speaking/writing confidence and ability.
Episode 12: Sharing Our Voices - Language Teacher Swap Shop
Randall reviews his energetic meeting with a number of teachers from around the world through Zoom who shared tips on language learning and technologies to enhance their classes.
The growth of the Internet has touch so many parts of the world, and this has expanded the possibilities of online teaching by bringing together so many teachers and students in many new ways.
In this episode, Randall interviews Shushanik Mamajanyan from Armenia who has found her niche in teaching privately with students across the world. Shushanik introduces her country, talks about the evolution of language education there, the tools she uses to connect with her online students, and her hopes and dreams for the future.
This episode should be of broad interest to teachers and students alike as we seek for common ground on how to make the most of online learning and teaching in today's world.
On May 28, 2017, Randall participated in the longest endurance event of his life . . . a 160-kilometer ultramarathon through the dry, windy, and cold desert of Utah. (This is like doing four marathons back-to-back.) After traversing the course for 120 kilometers for 24 hours with no sleep, Randall reached a point of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion and collapsed into a chair at an aid station. It was pitch dark at 3:45 a.m. His body and mind screamed at him to quit, competing with his will to honor the memory of his son and mom who had passed away.
Then, something happened that changed his life.
Join Randall as he tells story of endurance and how this experience in some ways reflects the struggle of people to endure hard things. Randall also shares how this story is also related to language learning and teaching.
It is often said that there is a strong correlation between the economic, educational, and emotional health of a country and its people and the efforts of great teachers. If so, what are the qualities of top-notch teachers that change the lives of students? Are there some characteristics that are universal across cultures? Who are defining these characteristics: students, teachers, parents, school administrators, or policymakers?
In this episode, Randall interviews Maysa Adnan, a teacher working in the United Arab Emirates, and they discuss the topic of effective teachers. They share specific examples from their own teaching, and how they have grown and become more aware of these issues over time. Randall and Maysa also talk about the move to more online instruction and how teachers be can effective in this language-learning arena as well.
Episodes 1-10

Episode 1: New Learning Opportunities

Overview: Randall discusses Memorial Day and the lost of his son, Joshua, and how these experiences have shaped his own life, Web site, and interaction with others.


Episode 2: Seeing the World Through Another Language

Overview: Randall relates insights on how learning a language can help you see the world and other people differently and more expansively.


Episode 3: Memorial Day - What it means to me?

Overview: Randall Davis shares insights on how learning a language can help you see the world and other people differently and more expansively.


Episode 4: The Danger of Stereotyping and How to Avoid it

Overview: Randall explains the danger of stereotyping and what we can do it avoid it. He shares experiences in which his own biases and stereotypes limited his understanding of others.


Episode 5: Behind the Scenes with Randall

Overview: Randall answers the most commonly-asked questions that he has received over the past 20 years about his work (teaching and Web site development) and life, and he invites listeners to join in the conversation by sharing their own questions and comments. Feel free to post your questions here beforehand so Randall can prepare.

Overview: Randall and Karol Ceciliano Rodríguez discuss the impact this pandemic has had on their lives, teaching, and the future, and they give suggestions on how students can even improve their language skills and cultural understanding in the midst of this difficult times. 
Overview: Randall explains the factors that affect listening comprehension that are often hidden right before our eyes. Once you can see them, you can actively make changes in your own study to boost your listening skills to a new level. He also recommends different technologies and Web sites (NOT his own) that can assist in this process.

Episode 8: Transforming My Teaching, Fatherhood, and Life

Overview: Although Randall has been a teacher and father for more than 30 years, some of the greatest learning experiences affecting his work, teaching, and personal life has taken place during the past few years. In this live broadcast, Randall opens up and discusses his life in an unvarnished and candid way—-mistakes and all—-and shares the top books that have helped him focus on better teaching, connection with students, and his family.

Episode 9:Thriving as a Private Online Language Teacher

Overview: The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the teaching and learning landscape from traditional classrooms to online educational environments. In many cases, teachers have lost their jobs or have found it difficult to adapt to the new world online teaching with their current school. As a result, many teachers wonder if there is a future for them in the language-teaching profession. In response to this dilemma, Randall interviews Elaine Oliveira, a private teacher in Brazil, on how to get started teaching privately online and finding ways to thrive at it.

Episode 10: How to Make the Most of Online Video for Language Learning

Overview: Randall talks about tips on how to use some Google Chrome extensions on your desktop or laptop browser to control the video playback on my site and other video content on the Internet. Wanna learn how to slow down video better, even within Nextflix? Watch this video to learn how.