Live Broadcasts

“Episode 16: The Mistakes We Make When We Open Our Mouth”

Pre-Listening Activity

What inappropriate or unkind things do teachers sometimes say and do to students that can cause emotional distress and harm? Then, listen to then examples that Randall discusses in the video. Compare your ideas to what you hear.

Video Activity

Watch the video and answer the questions. Look for the closed-captions option ( CC ) at the bottom of the video to watch the transcript. [The captions are automatically generated, so they are not perfect.]


Teachers sometimes think that students ______ on their phones.

What teachers say and do to students _____________.

In Point #1, Randall says that teachers sometimes forget that they _______ when they were students.

In Point #2, telling students that they have a lot of potential ________.

In Point #3, Randall talks about one of his teachers who _________ in the class.

In Point #4, Randall says that the goal of a class should be to _______.

In Point #5, Randall said that his son, Josh, _________ that affected his academic performance.