Boosting Your English Listening Skills

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Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab has been providing online English listening comprehension activities for ESL and EFL learners since 1998. Visit his other Web sites at,, and for more practice.

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General ESL Listening Quizzes

Activities at Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab focus on everyday English comprehension skills at three levels based on content, voices, vocabulary, and natural speed. A combination of adult, teenage, and children’s voices are included.



Listening for high-beginning ESL students.



For intermediate-level ESL learners.



For advanced-level ESL learners.

Explore More English Listening Activities

Randall has created a variety of other ESL listening activities to improve your comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, and cultural awareness.


Basic Listening Quizzes

Short listening activities for beginning and intermediate ESL students 


Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes

More advanced academic topics and lectures.


Culture Videos

Short culture videos covering a wide range of topics that introduce learners to many parts of everyday topics.

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