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Terms of Use



My site is free to use online, but there are limitations on how the material can and cannot be used unless you obtain a license to do so. I have added this section at the direct request of visitors who want to respect my work, but also want to use the site as part of their study and teaching.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials at Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab, including the text (quiz questions, transcriptions, and tutorials), HTML code, video, sound files, and overall design are copyright (c) 1998 – 2024 by Randall S. Davis and licensors, all rights reserved. Images on this site have either been licensed, purchased, or owned by their respective copyright owners, including some free stock photos from No part of this site, including the HTML code, text, or audio files, may be reproduced, copied, recorded, stored, modified, republished, downloaded, or distributed in any form without written permission of Randall S. Davis, except for the conditions below.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

I sometimes license my materials for other uses (see HERE). Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations do not respect the work and intellectual property rights of others, and illegally copy and use content without permission.  In such cases, I make efforts to resolve this issue with the company in a very amicable and professional way. I enjoy working with companies in positive ways when they seek to respect the property rights of others, so don’t hesitate to ask about licensing my content.

Terms of Use

Legal Use:

Individual Users:

  1. the contents of this site may be used online for personal use either at home, at an educational institution, or at a company;
  2. the listening activities and transcripts may be printed for personal use offline. In other words, the quiz questions and a transcript can be printed and then reviewed in a student’s free time away from the computer.


  1. the materials may be used online at educational institutions, either for individual or teacher-guided instruction;
  2. teachers are permitted to make copies of a limited number of pages for students for incidental use (not as part of a textbook, etc.), and the following copyright notice must appear on each copy:

    Copyright (c) 1998-2024 by Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab ( All rights reserved.

  3. copying and distributing the FREE handouts for individual and classroom use;
  4. making your own listening exercises based on the recordings;
  5. making reference to the site and its activities in workshops or other presentations may be done without permission (I always encourage people to get the word out about my sites); however, permission to do so is requested if original graphics, screenshots, quizzes, or transcripts are used as part of that presentation (which I usually grant).

Prohibited Use:

[Contact Randall to see how you can obtain a License to use his materials under other conditions.]

  1. copying, modifying, or redistributing the quizzes and scripts for students beyond the limitations mentioned above whether it be for non-profit or profit purposes. In other words, you cannot republish the materials in any format whether it be for educational or commercial purposes, even if you cite this website;
  2. modifying the materials without written permission from Randall Davis. Of course, please contact me if you have any particular suggestions about improving the material;
  3. creating a mirror copy of the Web site in English or any other language;
  4. saving the sound files using any means to a local computer or electronic media (cassettes, audio CDs, MP3 player, iPod, etc.) for either personal, educational, or commercial use or uploading of HTML, sound, and graphic files to any server either for storage or redistribution (e.g., you cannot create your own site and upload my files there, regardless of whether you identify my site as the original source);
  5. converting the sound files to any other format including .wav, mp3, .avi, .mov, and .aiff;
  6. installing the media files in any format to portable electronic devices including MP3 players and mobile phones;
  7. uploading and storing the HTML and sound files to a local network, such as a computer lab, or a Webserver whether it be for educational or commercial use;
  8. creating an audio or data CD of my materials either for personal, educational, or commercial purposes;
  9. embedding the audio/video and/or text files in any other application, including mobile applications for sale in places such as the Apple store.


In almost all cases, the names of individuals, companies, and products used in the listening activities on this site are fictitious and are not based on real entities. Any similarity is coincidental. Furthermore, although Randall does his utmost to create quality content, Randall does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, usability, and availability of the content on this site.

Also, external links or third-party advertisements may appear on this site, but Randall does not endorse, promote, have control over, or guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the product from these completely independent websites. Furthermore, these sites may collect or solicit personally identifiable information from you. Read any information carefully. Thus, users are responsible for evaluating the merit of any third-party product or service that they buy or subscribe to from such companies or individuals. 

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