Audio/Video Help


"Randall. The audio doesn't work!"

Common Issues

This is a common comment that I receive, and I certainly want to make sure things are working for you. Over the past 20 years of running this site, the most common issue in about 95% of cases is something happening between you and my server, and not a problem with the Web site itself. In other words, there may be a poor connection issue a thousand miles away from my server that I don't have any control over from my end. You just might have to wait for a better connection, which could be in five seconds or in a few hours.

At other times, it might be your own device that for some reason doesn't play the audio in the moment. If you try my site on a different device at a different location, you can quickly discover if your computer or portable device  is the issue. Unfortunately, I can't troubleshoot such problems.

This said, there are certainly times with I have linked the wrong audio file to a particular listening activity, and that is something I can fix quite easily. By all means, let me know. I want to make sure that using my site is a positive experience. Finally, there have been times in the past 20 years when my server has been down for a short period of time, and I try to fix these issues quickly. 

Media Files

The media files for this site have been prepared in MP3 and MP4 formats, and they do not require an external software to play them. In other words, they play right inside your computer or mobile browser. If you encounter a problem, please try to play the media files on one or two different computers or portable devices such as a smartphone before you report an issue. In most cases, the problem is often on a local device or network. If the file below plays on at least one of your devices, then everything should be working on your computer or device.

Downloading the files is not permitted, but I have created the site so that they should work on many computers and locations around the world.


Listen to this conversation to check audio: