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License ESL-Lab Content



Depending on the circumstances and the project, the rights to use the content (i.e., audio and video files, transcripts, and exercises) from any of Randall’s Web sites may be licensed for commercial, educational, and non-profit purposes on other Web sites and in printed or digital media beyond what is specified in the Terms of Use for his sites. Possible uses of Randall’s content include, but are not limited to, the following ideas:

  • adding it to other educational Web sites or local Intranets
  • publishing the content in educational language-learning materials including books, audio CDs, and other media formats
  • using the materials to promote other software products or technologies (e.g., computer software, mobile applications, etc.)
  • creating language program listening placement and achievement tests
  • creating other media content including Internet-based, TV, or radio advertisements
  • creating multimedia resources medical purposes including auditory training therapy for those with cochlear implants

Because written permission and/or fees may be required in certain situations, contact me for more information. In your message, please provide specific details on how you would like to use the materials.

Generally speaking, I license up to 50 listening activities for any project listed above, and you are welcome to inquire about the possibility of using more.

NOTE: Since my Web site opened in 1998, I have licensed my materials on a number of occasions to companies and educational institutions for commercial and non-commercial purposes under formal agreements. Such organizations have come up with innovative ways of using the materials in their products and services.

Unfortunately, there are times when the creative work of others (e.g., art, graphics, music and video, etc.) is used illegally and without permission, and in fact, some of my content has appeared in unauthorized mobile applications. Teachers and students have purchased these apps, thinking they were purchasing a product that I created, and they were disappointed to find out that I hadn’t . That said, I still enjoy working with other companies in positive ways when they seek to respect property rights of others, so don’t hesitate to ask about licensing my content. Many companies and organizations have licensed my content and have created innovative products with the materials. I happy to see that happen with your project.

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