Live Broadcasts

“Episode 21: Losing Someone to Suicide and Why Friends Matter”

Pre-Listening Activity

According to Randall, what are some of the myths related to mental health and suicide, and what are some ways in which we can support others who are struggling in their lives?

Video Activity

Watch the video and answer the questions. Look for the closed-captions option ( CC ) at the bottom of the video to watch the transcript. [The captions are automatically generated, so they are not perfect.]

About _________ people die by suicide every year in the United States.

In his disclaimers, Randall states that suicide is a very ______ issue that requires care in discussing.

Josh was born in ________ in 1992.

Doctors discovered a problem with one of his eyes when he was ____ months old.

As Josh got older, he really enjoyed ________.

Josh began to exhibit ______ when he was about 10 years old.

During this time, Randall was really worried about ______.