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“Episode 3: Memorial Day”

Pre-Listening Activity

What holidays do you have to remember those who have died? How you lost a close family member or friend? How has this lost affected you? In what ways has this lost influenced how you interact with other people. 

Listen to Randall’s story about the loss of his son, Joshua, and how this experience has affected his life.

Video Activity

Watch the video and answer the questions. Look for the closed-captions option ( CC ) at the bottom of the video to watch the transcript. [The captions are automatically generated, so they are not perfect.] Also, take a look at this page to see how you can control the playback speed and video window for a better learning experience.


Randall and his family moved to _______ after graduating from college.

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Randall's wife had to stay home for five months because of _______.

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The discovered that their son, Joshua, had a serious eye defect when he was _____ months old.

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Joshua loved animals, the outdoors, and _______.

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Joshua suffered from ________.

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Joshua died by suicide in _____.

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Some people don't discuss their mental health concerns because ______.

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Episode 3: Memorial Day
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