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“Episode 25: Behind the Curtain: A Tour of Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab”

Pre-Listening Activity

Over the years, people have asked Randall many questions about his work with his Web sites. Look at these questions and think about some possible ideas before you start watching the video:

  1. Why did Randall start his Web site?
  2. When and where did he start his work?
  3. How much training did he have before he started to create Web sites?
  4. How does he come up with new ideas for the listening conversations?
  5. Who assists Randall in the development of his Web sites?

Video Activity

Watch the video and answer the questions. Look for the closed-captions option ( CC ) at the bottom of the video to watch the transcript. [The captions are automatically generated, so they are not perfect.]

Randall has ______ different language-learning Web sites.

Correct! Wrong!

His Web sites include,,, and

Randall had __________ technical training when he started his main Web site, Randall' ESL Cyber Listening Lab.

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Randall was working in _______ when he started his Web site.

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__________ inspired Randall to start his Web site.

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In addition to technology, Randall's __________ evolved over time to improve his Web sites.

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As mentioned in the video, some of the social issues covered in some of his listening activities include cyberbullying, suicide, and ______.

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Episode 25: esl-lab
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