Live Broadcasts

“Episode 2: Seeing the World Through Another Language”

Pre-Listening Activity

What benefits are there to learning another language? Randall will share his story and emphasize how learning other languages has changed his life.

Video Activity

Watch the video and answer the questions. Look for the closed-captions option ( CC ) at the bottom of the video screen to watch the transcript. [The captions are automatically generated, so they are not perfect.]


Randall says that learning a language is like _____.

Randall's grandmother was from ______.

Randall often felt _______ when mother and her family spoke Spanish.

_________, German, and Spanish were offered as classes at his junior high school.

He didn't like his first Spanish teacher in high school because the teacher __________.

He learned more Spanish when he traveled to _________.

His family lived in Japan for _____ years.

What is Randall's main point about his experience at the drugstore in Japan?

Learning a language helped Randall _______.

The greatest language we can learn is the language of ______..