“Budget Travel Accommodations”



Pre-Listening Question

What are the top five amenities that you look for when choosing hotel accommodations? Look at this list to help you decide:

  1. Free Wifi
  2. Room Service
  3. Parking
  4. Complimentary toiletries like soap and shampoo
  5. A free hot breakfast
  6. Pet-friendly rooms
  7. A flexible or late checkout time
  8. Exercise facilities
  9. Pool, spa, or hot tub
  10. A mini-fridge and microwave
  11. A free daily newspaper

Vocabulary and Expressions

Here are some words and expressions that appear in the video:

sketchy (verb): not completely safe or honest
– I stayed at a sketchy hotel on my last trip. The door locks didn’t work, and it looked like the room hadn’t been cleaned recently.

fatigue (expression): extreme tiredness
– After a long day of driving, we decided to stop because of fatigue and stay at a hotel for the night.

seek out (verb): look for
– I don’t seek out the first hotel I can find. Instead, I look carefully at reviews to find the best fit for my family.

(a little) bit of something (noun): a small amount
– We have a little bit of time this morning before we leave the hotel if you want to jump in the pool.

Listening Comprehension Questions

Now, watch the interview and answer the comprehension questions. You can also turn on the automatically-generated captions for the video once you start it.

Conversation Questions

Describe both a good and bad experience you had at a hotel or other similar accommodation. Explain your ideas.

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