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General Listening Quiz

“Hotel Room Service”

Level: Topic: Speakers: Length:
easy hotel room service man – woman 01:00

Pre-Listening Exercise

What kinds of things can you order from hotel room service? What types of hotels offer such services?


grab a bite to eat” = go out to eat
Let’s grab a bite to eat after the movie.”

overeat” = eat too much
I really overate at lunch, so I think I’ll skip dinner.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary quizzes with the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ordering food through room services?

Online Investigation

Use the Internet to research two hotels in a city that you want to visit. Does the hotel offer room service? If so, how much do food items cost? What are the hours of room service?

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