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“Favorite Websites”



Pre-Listening Question

What are some of your favorite Websites, and what do you like about them most?

Vocabulary and Expressions

Here are some words and expressions that appear in the video:

doomsday scroller (noun): a person who searches the Internet for bad news even though it is depressing
– Susana is a doomsday scroller. She always focuses on the ills of society without looking for something positive.

parody (expression): an exaggerated imitation of a person or thing
– The show is a parody of current political events in my country.

commentary (noun): an expression of opinion about a certain event, situation, or person
– I read some commentary on this Website about the upcoming election, and people are concerned about the outcome.

Listening Comprehension Questions

Now, watch the interview and answer the comprehension questions. You can also turn on the automatically-generated captions for the video once you start it.


Emily: Hi, everyone. In this video, my dad, Aubrey, and I are gonna be talking about our favorite websites to visit every day. Let’s start off. Aubrey What are your favorite websites to visit?

Aubrey: Yeah, that’s a good question. Um, I don’t know that, like, actual websites I go to as often anymore. I mean, there are definitely apps that I visit all the time, like TikTok. I’m always on TikTok. I’m on Amazon way too often.

Randall: Okay. All right. Do they know you by name?

Aubrey: Uh, probably not.

Randall: Okay, so Amazon. And why do you visit Amazon?

Aubrey: I, uh, pretend shop for things and then sometimes accidentally real shop.

Randall: Okay, so Amazon. And how about another?

Aubrey: Let me think.

Randall: (That) People use.

Aubrey: Audible.

Randall: Use that. And you mentioned Audible?

Aubrey: Mhm.

Randall: And what is that?

Aubrey: Audible a lot too. Uh, that, that is Amazon-owned, um, but it still counts. They’re separate companies. Um, it’s, uh, audiobooks. They sell audiobooks.

Randall: Okay, well, good. And Emily, what about you? A couple of websites that you visit regularly.

Emily: Uh, I tend to be a doomsday scroller, and I read the news.

Randall: Okay

Emily: Multiple times a day. Yep. That’s fun.

Aubrey: Oh, When we’re offline, I have some questions about current events.

Randall: Okay. Uh, do you feel comfortable sharing the names of the websites? I know people sometimes are pretty particular about the ones they visit. Sometimes we make judgments on the ones that people view.

Emily: Yeah, uh, I usually do . . . 

Randall: Do you want to mention those or not necessarily?

Emily: No, that’s fine. I usually do. CNN or KSL.

Randall: Okay. Okay.

Aubrey: I like to read The Onion sometimes. It’s a parody news website, so the articles are ridiculous. Like there was an article recently where it was, um, criticizing a seven-year-old for not being able to maintain a narrative while playing with his action figures.

Emily: Ah, yes. Yep.

Randall: Uh, that would be unusual. Uh, what about Fox News or something like that?

Aubrey: We’re gonna bring up Fox News?

Emily: Well, I thought this was not going to be political.

Conversation Questions

How do you determine the reliability of information on social media and news Websites? What online services do you use to fact-check information?

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