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“Popular Outdoor Activities”



Pre-Listening Question

What are some popular outdoor activities in your area during different times of year?

Vocabulary and Expressions

Here are some words and expressions that appear in the video:

versatile (adjective): able to do many things, flexible
– This truck is a very versatile vehicle. You drive it through all kinds of conditions.

big  (adjective): important or significant
– Camping is really big in our area during the summer months.

Listening Comprehension Questions

Now, watch the interview and answer the comprehension questions. You can also turn on the automatically-generated captions for the video once you start it.

Conversation Questions

Randall: Hi. In today’s lesson, we want to talk about popular outdoor activities, specifically in our home state of Utah. Often people think about skiing and hiking. But Emily, what would you describe as some of the popular activities where people might go? What might they do and so forth?

Emily: Yeah. So Utah is a really versatile state for all sorts of outdoor activities. Um, there are a lot of lakes that you can do boating or skiing, um, at. Uh, for me, though, I really do like hiking. I also really enjoy biking. Um, those are my favorite activities to do. Skiing is also a lot of fun in the wintertime. Uh, so yeah, that’s what I enjoy doing.

Randall: Yeah. And you mentioned about boating

Emily: Yeah at some of the different lakes.

Randall: What other activities might you find at some of the lakes?

Emily: Swimming. Swimming is a big one. Uh, jet skiing or, uh, water skiing. Um, those are some also really popular activities. In some of the bigger lakes you can even get sailboats out there and other things like that.

Randall: And fishing.

Emily: And fishing. That is true. That’s a really fun one that me and my dad do.

Randall: Yeah. All right, Emily, Well, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on popular outdoor activities.

Conversation Questions


  1. What are some popular outdoor activities mentioned in the conversation?
  2. Which activities does Emily enjoy doing the most?
  3. Describe an outdoor activity that is big in your area for people of all ages. What have been your experiences in participating in it? Is it dangerous at all? If so, in what way?


    1. Discuss the potential economic and environmental impacts of popular outdoor activities in the state.
    2. Compare and contrast the experiences and benefits of activities like boating, swimming, jet skiing, and fishing at lakes in Utah.

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