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“Ocean Safety”

Pre-Listening Activity

  1. Warm-Up Discussion (5 minutes)

    • Begin with a brief discussion about students’ experiences with the beach.
    • Questions to ask:
      • Have you ever been to the beach? If so, where?
      • What activities do you enjoy at the beach?
      • What safety precautions do you think are important when going to the beach?
  2. Vocabulary Introduction (10 minutes)

    • Introduce key vocabulary from the interview:
      • Weather conditions
      • Wave patterns
      • Optimal
      • Buddy
      • Lifeguard station
      • Sun protection
    • Write these terms on the board.
    • For each term, ask students if they know the meaning or can guess it based on context. Provide definitions and examples as needed.
  3. Prediction Activity (10 minutes)

    • Tell students they will listen to an interview about beach safety tips.
    • Ask students to predict what kind of advice might be given. Write their predictions on the board.
    • Example prompts:
      • What do you think is the most important safety tip for the beach?
      • Why do you think swimming with a buddy is important?
      • How can you protect your skin from the sun?
    • Pre-Listening Questions (5 minutes)

      • Distribute handouts with the following questions to focus their listening:
        1. What is the first safety tip mentioned by Randall?
        2. Why is it important to swim with a buddy?
        3. What should you check before going to swim?
        4. What is the final tip for protecting your health at the beach?

    Notes for the Teacher:

    • Adjust the pace and complexity of the vocabulary introduction based on your students’ proficiency levels.
    • Encourage students to share their own beach safety tips and experiences to make the discussion more engaging and relevant.
    • After the pre-listening activity, play the interview and follow up with post-listening activities such as discussing the correct answers, comparing predictions with the actual tips, and role-playing beach scenarios.


    Instructions: Watch this video on safety at the beach and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

    Video Script

    Hello. I’m Randall, and I’m here in sunny California, enjoying the, uh, the ocean, the waves, and I just want to share a couple of ideas on how to be safe.

    Uh, number one: Always check the weather conditions and the wave patterns to make sure it is optimal for swimming. Number two: Swim with a buddy. Uh, many people get into trouble when they are swimming alone.

    Number three: Check to find out where the nearest lifeguard station is in case you, again, need help. And the last would be . . . is to wear sun screen and sun protection to protect your skin and your overall health.

    Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

    Intermediate Level:

    1. Checking Weather Conditions

      • Why do you think it is important to check the weather conditions before going to the beach?
      • How do you think bad weather can affect swimming?
    2. Swimming with a Buddy

      • Randall mentions swimming with a buddy. Can you think of reasons why this is safer than swimming alone?
      • Have you ever swum with a buddy? How did it make you feel?
    3. Lifeguard Stations

      • Why should you find out where the nearest lifeguard station is?
      • What would you do if you needed help and there was no lifeguard nearby?
    4. Sun Protection

      • Why is wearing sunscreen important at the beach?
      • What other ways can you protect yourself from the sun?

    Advanced Level:

    1. Analyzing Safety Tips

      • Randall provides four safety tips. Which do you think is the most important and why?
      • Are there any additional safety tips you would add to Randall’s list?
    2. Impact of Environmental Awareness

      • How can understanding weather patterns and ocean conditions contribute to overall beach safety?
      • Discuss how climate change might impact beach safety in the future.
    3. Social and Psychological Aspects of Swimming with a Buddy

      • Beyond physical safety, what are some social and psychological benefits of swimming with a buddy?
      • Can you think of a situation where swimming with a buddy could be challenging or problematic?
    4. Long-term Health Considerations

      • Randall emphasizes sun protection. How can prolonged exposure to the sun affect long-term health?
      • Discuss the importance of public awareness campaigns on sun safety. How effective do you think they are?
    5. Cultural Differences in Beach Safety

      • How do beach safety practices vary in different parts of the world?
      • Are there any cultural beliefs or practices that might influence how people approach beach safety?
    6. Role of Technology in Beach Safety

      • How can modern technology assist in enhancing beach safety (e.g., weather apps, GPS, drone surveillance)?
      • What are the potential drawbacks or limitations of relying on technology for beach safety?

    ChatGPT was used collaboratively to prepare some of the discussion questions for this lesson.
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