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“Homestay Experiences”



Pre-Listening Question

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living with a homestay family?

Vocabulary and Expressions

Here are some words and expressions that appear in the video:

sanitized (adjective): make something more acceptable by removing unpleasant or controversial information
– Sometimes, books present a sanitized version of history and leave out anything that is controversial.

unique (adjective): being one of a kind, unusually special 
– You can also learn unique aspects of another culture when visiting other countries.

guess (verb, also a noun): try to make a guess when you are not sure of the answer
– Sometimes, you have to guess the meaning of different words when you learn a new language.

– Let me take a guess; you are from Korea, right?

Listening Comprehension Questions

Now, watch the interview and answer the comprehension questions. You can also turn on the automatically-generated captions for the video once you start it.


Randall: Today, I’m here with Aubrey. We’re going to be talking about the advantages of staying with a host family. Many students who travel overseas, whether you’re going to France or to Japan and so forth, want to have a unique learning and cultural opportunity and experience. And Aubrey, from your perspective, what could be some of the advantages of living with a host family?

Aubrey: I mean, having not experienced this myself, I would just have to, you know, make my best guess, but I would think that the advantage would be, like you’re not getting a sanitized version like the tourist version of the country. Um, you’re actually getting to experience the culture, you’re with, you know, people who live there. They can tell you things, you know, eat the kind of food that they eat. That’s maybe not the touristy stuff. You know, cultural lessons, like in another video, we talked about, uh, context of, you know, certain questions and certain conversations. That’s something that’s probably going to be easier to, you know, learn if you’re with like a group of people who are from the country versus like a group of people who are, you know, all foreign to that country ’cause you could all be making the same mistake, and you wouldn’t know.

Randall: Great. I think those are great points to keep in mind, no matter where you go, no matter where you visit.

Conversation Questions

  1. From Aubrey’s perspective, what are some advantages of living with a host family in terms of experiencing the local culture authentically
  2. What role does living with a host family play in fostering empathy and understanding towards different cultural perspectives?

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