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Website Update March 2023

As we enter the beginning stages of spring, I want to announce the final stages of a major project I have been working on behind the scenes.

Since the start of my website 25 years ago, I have created many of my conversations to make them as natural as possible, not always following a very formulaic script that sounded unnatural. In other words, I didn’t always follow the transcript that I wrote for a conversation, which was sometimes impossible when I was doing recordings with my young children. At other times, I allowed for some real spontaneity as I recorded to provide a more authentic listening experience.

However, I noticed over the years—and you probably as well—that the recordings didn’t always match the transcript exactly, making it sometimes difficult to understand the conversation precisely.

Therefore, over the past few months, and with the help of a second ear—my daughter—we have edited all of the conversations in the easy, intermediate, and advanced level sections of the site to make sure the audio and transcript match.

Having done this, I feel that the conversations will be an even greater tool for learners and teachers.