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Having developed educational Web sites since 1998, I am always looking for innovative tools to facilitate my work with audio and video recordings, along with their transcriptions. As a prominent source of instructional content for years, I have dedicated my career to helping language learners improve their listening and speaking skills by creating and using original recordings.

One key component to achieving that end is providing transcriptions of my content for language review and practice. However, creating such transcriptions can be a laborious process that consumes a content-creator’s time and energy away from other projects.

This is where steps in to liberate website developers from the transcription task.

Case Study

My Web site contains hundreds of audio and video recordings, and one of the projects involves video interviews on a wide range of language and cultural topics. Each interview forms the foundation of a language lesson that includes key vocabulary, idioms, a listening activity, and conversation questions. However, the backbone of such a learning task is the transcript on which so many other activities are based.

Many of my videos are on YouTube, and makes the transcription a breeze for my purposes: I simply plug in the URL to one of my videos, and does the work.

Once the automatic transcription is complete, I can use the in-browser transcript editor to polish the transcription. The software adds timestamps and automatically identifies multiple speakers in paragraphs, saving me time with formatting. Then, I could embed the resulting transcription on my website, alongside Sonix’s own media player (that comes with a variable-speed control function), or I can export the transcript into multiple formats such as MSWord.

A Healthly Lifestyle: Video automatically transcribed by Sonix

A Healthly Lifestyle: this mp4 video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

I think all of us would agree that being healthy, emotionally and physically, are really important to our overall well-being. So, Emily, when you think about a healthy lifestyle, whether it be physically, emotionally, whatever it might be, what would be one or two things that you would think would be extremely important to keep in mind when maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

One of the biggest parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is self-care. It’s not something that’s often talked about. A lot of times, workaholics are admired, and it’s something that people will strive to be as a workaholic, but as a chronic workaholic, I can tell you that it’s not . . . it’s not something I really enjoy, and maintaining self-care and time for yourself is really important.

And you mention about working a lot, but self-care, and what could be one or two things that you could do for self care? And they could be just some things that are just really simple, but you have to put them into your schedule.

Something that is really important for me, for self-care is sitting down and reading a book or watching a movie and just trying to shut off everything else going in my brain.

Very key Indeed.

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Automatically convert your mp4 files to text (txt file), Microsoft Word (docx file), and SubRip Subtitle (srt file) in minutes.

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There are too many features to mention here, but Sonix certainly is a game-changer when it comes to robust transcription for a multiplicity of needs.