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New Year's Resolutions

Instructions: Watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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What are some common new year's resolutions that people make at the start of a new year? What are the secrets to keeping them? Why do some people give up their new year's goals after only a short time? Discuss your ideas with a partner and/or write your opinions on a related topic at Randall's ESL Blog HERE.

Questions: [ See Script ]

1. Randall's first suggestion is to __________.

A. set goals you can really reach
B. review your goals from the previous year
C. discuss your ideas with friends

2. Randall also comments that you can achieve better results with your resolutions by _________.

A. making quarterly goals
B. revising your goals twice a year
C. making biweekly plans

3. Finally, Randall stresses the importance of _____________.

A. not comparing yourself to other people
B. not punishing yourself for coming up short
C. not being specific with your goals

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