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Christmas is Coming!

Click the PLAY link and listen to the conversation. Then write missing words in the correct blanks.

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Man: Well, Christmas is almost here. So, what do you want from Santa this year?

Micky: A (1) car and walkie-talkies.

Man: Really? Well, and what about you, Emily? What do you want for Christmas?

Emily: If I can't have a Barbie (2), um, I would have some fragile dolls. And if I can't have some fragile dolls, it doesn't really matter what I get.

Man: Wow. Well, I'm (3), and Santa is coming. And how is Santa going to get inside the house, Micky?

Micky: Um, go down the chimney . . .

Man: Okay, so he's going to go down the chimney, and should we (4) anything for Santa?

Micky: Yeah!

Man: What are we going to prepare for him, Emily?

Emily: Um. We could prepare some cookies for him and some hot chocolate, and, um, we could give Rudolph some, um, hot chocolate in a bowl and a cookie. And we could give some of the (5) some cookies and some hot chocolate in a bowl.

Man: Well, what do you think? They, Um, reindeer probably don't eat cookies, but what else could we give them, Micky?

Micky: Um, (6).

Man: Ah, that's good. And, uh . . .

Emily: Oranges and (7).

Man: Okay and what (8) do you think we (9) go to bed?

Emily: Um, seven.

Man: About seven o'clock. Well, that's exciting. I'm (10) happy that Christmas is coming.

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