General Listening Quiz

“Christmas is Coming – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the conversation Christmas gifts and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Man: Well, Christmas is almost here. So, what do you want from Santa this year?

Micky: A toy car and walkie-talkies.

Man: Really? Well, and what about you, Emily? What do you want for Christmas?

Emily: If I can’t have a Barbie radio, um, I would have some fragile dolls. And if I can’t have some fragile dolls, it doesn’t really matter what I get.

Man: Wow. Well, I’m excited, and Santa is coming. And how is Santa going to get inside the house, Micky?

Micky: Um, go down the chimney . . .

Man: Okay, so he’s going to go down the chimney, and should we prepare anything for Santa?

Micky: Yeah!

Man: What are we going to prepare for him, Emily?

Emily: Um. We could prepare some cookies for him and some hot chocolate, and, um, we could give Rudolph some, um, hot chocolate in a bowl and a cookie. And we could give some of the reindeer some cookies and some hot chocolate in a bowl.

Man: Well, what do you think? They, Um, reindeer probably don’t eat cookies, but what else could we give them, Micky?

Micky: Um, apples.

Man: Ah, that’s good. And, uh . . .

Emily: Oranges and bananas.

Man: Okay and what time do you think we should go to bed?

Emily: Um, seven.

Man: About seven o’clock. Well, that’s exciting. I’m really happy that Christmas is coming.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • walkie-talkies (noun): small portable radio receiver-transmitters used for communicating with others 
    – We always take walkie-talkies when we go hiking in case of emergencies.
  • barbie (noun): the name of a brand doll 
    – My daughter wants a barbie doll house for Christmas.
  • fragile (adjective): easily broken or damaged, delicate 
    – Handle this vase with care. It’s very fragile.
  • chimney (noun): the place in a house where smoke from a fire goes up and out of the roof 
    – You should clean out the chimney before we use it this winter.
  • Rudolph (pronoun): the name of Santa’s reindeer with the shiny red nose 
    – According to the story, Santa needed Rudolph to guide his sleigh on one stormy, Christmas Eve.
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