General Listening Quiz

“Christmas is Coming!”

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easy Christmas gifts man – two children 01:11
randall's esl - christmas

Pre-Listening Exercise

Christmas is a time when children hope to receive presents from their parents, other family, and friends. Imagine that you are one of the children in this conversation (a three-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl). What Christmas gifts would you like to receive?


nose around” = look for something private or hidden
The kids sometimes nose around the house for Christmas gifts.”

umpteen (also, umpteenth)” = a great number of
I have umpteen presents to buy before Christmas Eve.

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

What does the little boy NOT ask for Christmas?

Man: "Well, Christmas is almost here. So, what do you want from Santa this year?" Micky: "A toy car and walkie-talkies."

What does the girl want for Christmas?

Emily: "If I can't have a Barbie radio, um, I would have some fragile dolls. And if I can't have some fragile dolls, it doesn't really matter what I get."

What food do the children want to make for Santa's reindeer?

Emily: "Um. We could prepare some cookies for him and some hot chocolate, and, um, we could give Rudolph some, um, hot chocolate in a bowl and a cookie.." Then, the kids decide on giving the reindeer apples, oranges, and bananas.

What time are they going to bed?

Man: "Okay and what time do you think we should go to bed?" Emily: "Um, seven." Man: "About seven o'clock. Well, that's exciting. I'm really happy that Christmas is coming."

How is Santa going to enter the house?

Man: "Wow. Well, I'm excited, and Santa is coming. And how is Santa going to get inside the house, Micky?" Micky: "Um, go down the chimney . . ." Man: "Okay, so he's going to go down the chimney, and should we prepare anything for Santa?" Micky: "Yeah!"

Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary activities using the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

Is Christmas celebrated in your country? If so, in what ways? What other religious and secular traditions and holidays are held during this same season? Interview other international students or friends and research how the year-end holidays are celebrated around the world, including popular gifts that people exchange at this time of year.

Online Investigation

Use the Internet and find at least two Web sites where they can find these gifts. Compare the prices of the same or similar item for each site. What are the shipping fees for sending the items to your location? What about the time for delivery?

  • a silk necktie
  • a popular board game
  • a smartphone of our choosing
  • a laptop computer
  • some holiday flowers