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Hotel Room Service

Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation about hotel room service.

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Woman: Hello. This is the front desk. Tess, speaking, How can I help you?

Man: Yes, I'd like to order room service.

Woman: Okay. What can I get for you?

Man: Well. Okay. I'd like to order a grilled chicken sandwich [ Okay. ], some fries, and a small salad.

Woman: Okay. What kind of dressing?

Man: Okay, well, I'll . . . . how about ranch? But I'd like it on the side.

Woman: Okay. On the side. Anything else for you?

Man: Uh, yeah. How about a glass of orange juice?

Woman: Okay. Large or small?

Man: Well, let's, let's go with a large.

Woman: Okay. And what room are you in?

Man: I'm in . . . I'm in . . . , let's see. Well, I can't remember! Oh, yeah. I'm in room 640.

Woman: And your name?

Man: It's James.

Woman: Alright.

Man: And, uh. Oh, yeah. How long will it take?

Woman: Oh, it shouldn't be more than about 30 minutes.

Man: Okay and okay. Well, what time is it now?

Woman: [ It's ] six, forty-five (6:45).

Man: Alright. Thank you.

Woman: Perfect.

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