General Listening Quiz

“TV Guide – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on TV shows and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Paul: So, what do you want to watch on TV tonight?

Brenda: Well, what’s on?

Brenda: Well, hmm. There is a reality show on at 7:00 on channel 5.

PaulNah, you know I don’t like reality shows. I mean, they usually show people doing crazy things like, you know, eating live fish or swimming in a pool full of snakes. I don’t get into that.

Brenda: Okay. Well, how about watching a documentary on the life of panda bears in the wild?

Paul: Personally, I’d rather watch something with a little bit more action and suspense.

Brenda: Well, then. Ah, here’s something. Do you want to watch a rerun of Star Wars?

Paul: Nah, I’ve seen it a zillion times. I’d like to see something different.

Brenda: Okay, let’s see here. Oh, how about this? On channel 2 at 9:00, there’s a home improvement show about fixing anything around the house. We do have a few things that you could repair in the bathroom . . .

Paul: Fixing things? Uh, boy, I’m beat. I think I’m going to hit the sack.

Brenda: You’re going to bed?

Paul: Yeah. I have to get up early tomorrow . . .

Brenda: . . . and then you’re going to fix the bathroom?

Paul: Good night.

Brenda: Okay. Too bad, though. There’s a basketball game on right now, but . . . but I guess you can catch the score in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Paul: Oh, okay. I’ll stay up and keep you company while I . . . I mean, you . . . I mean, WE watch the game.

Brenda: I thought you’d change your mind. I’ll get the popcorn.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • get into something (verb): be interested in something 
    – I didn’t think the kids would get into watching that nature program, but they loved it
  • documentary (noun): a television program that gives facts on a person, place, or thing 
    – Hurry. Switch the channels. I don’t want to miss the documentary on space travel.
  • suspense (noun): a feeling of excitement about what will happen next
    – She liked the movie because it was full of suspense from beginning to end.
  • rerun (noun): a TV program that is shown over again
    – This channel usually shows reruns of programs from the 1960s late in the evening.
  • zillion (noun): a very large number
    – Sometimes, kids don’t mind watching the same TV cartoons a zillion times.
  • improvement (noun): a change that makes something better
    – There are a number of improvements you can make on your writing assignment. Read it again and see what you can do.
  • beat (adjective): very tired
    – I was so beat last night that I fell asleep watching TV.
  • hit the sack: go to sleep
    – He hit the sack early because he has to work in the morning.
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