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General Listening Quiz

“Snow Skiing – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on snow skiing and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

ManWhew! It’s pretty cold today.

Woman: Yeah. My fingers are numb.

Man: So, do you often ski here?

Woman: No, this is my first time. Actually, this is my first time skiing . . . ever.

Man: Wow! So, how do you like it so far?

Woman: The snow is great [ Yeah . . .], but it’s too crowded. Do you know, two people crashed into me on my first run, and some stupid skier was going way too fast . . . drove me into some trees. [ Wow! ] I crashed and lost one of my gloves. [ Oh, man. ] For . . .  Fortunately, I had an extra pair with me.

Man: Wow. Well, did the woman stop and apologize?

Woman: No, it was a man. I’m certain of it. He just . . . he just laughed at me. Why do you think it was a woman, anyway?

Man: Uh, well, no reason. I mean, well, you know.

Woman: What? You know what?

Man: Uh, uh, nothing.

Woman: Yeah. You just wait ’til I find that guy.

Man: Uh, well, what are you gonna [going to] do to him, I mean, if you find him?

Woman: First, I’m going to break his skis. [ Oh, well, at least . . . ] And then, I’m gonna [going to] take his picture and post it on Facebook.

Man: Oh! Uh, don’t you think that’s a little drastic? Perhaps, it was a simple mistake. And how are you going to identify him anyway?

Woman: Oh, that’s easy. He was wearing bright red boots and a purple hat . . . um, just like yours. Heh, heh, heh . . .

Man: Now, now, now. Wait, wait! [Yeah.] Yeah. What do you mean? [ Yeah . . . ] Wait! Why are you looking at me? You don’t think it was me, do you? . . . Do you like jazz music?

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • whew (interjection): a sound to show that you are surprised, hot, or relieved 
    – Whew! I almost ran into that tree. That was close!
  • numb (adjective): not able to feel parts of your body because of cold 
    – My fingers and toes are so numb. I’d better go inside and get warm.
  • drive something (verb): move something with force (this is different than driving a car 
    – The hunters drove the deer out of trees and into the open meadow.
  • apologize (noun): to say sorry or feel regret for doing something wrong 
    – I apologize for not going skiing with you today. I’m just not feeling well.
  • certain (adjective): without a doubt, positive 
    – I am certain that Jennifer will come with us to the ski resort tomorrow.
  • drastic (adjective): extreme, serious 
    – The ski resort took drastic steps to increase business.
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