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General Listening Quiz

“Airline Safety – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on airline safety and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Security: Excuse me. Do you have any keys or money in your pockets?

Passenger: No. No. I think I’ve taken everything out.

Security: Okay. Go ahead and walk through the body scanner.

Passenger: Will I feel anything?

Security: No sir. Just walk through and keep your hands in the air.

Passenger: Okay, uh, uh . . .

Security alarm goes off . . . ]

Security: We need to do some additional screening. Sorry, sir. Please come this way. [What? Did I . . . Did you find something?] Relax sir. Okay? I’m going to open your carry-on bag. [ Huh, huh?] As I’m going through it, please do not try to touch it. [But, I mean . . .uh] Let’s see now. Umm. First of all, sir, you can’t take any liquids like this bottled water past this point.

Passenger: Ah. Well, I really can’t drink any other kind of water. Sierra Springs is the only bottled water I drink, and I . . .

Security: Sorry sorry, sir. [Aoww ] And, sir. What’s this? [What?] No, no, sir. You cannot bring a lighter on the plane.

Passenger: But I don’t smoke. I mean . . . [Well, you STILL can’t bring it on the plane.] But I have it just in case of emergencies. You know, as an emergency fire starter in case the plane crashes into a dark forest.

Security: Sir. You’ll have to leave that here. What’s this?

Passenger: Well . . .Oh. That’s my pocket knife.

Security: A pocket knife? It’s almost a foot long!

Passenger: Well, it’s a special knife given to me by my grandfather, but I only use it to peel apples and fruit. You know . . . . Things like that.

Security: Sir. I’m sorry, but you can’t take that on the plane. In fact, do you have any other prohibited items in your bag? [Well, I don’t . . .] I mean, didn’t you read the sign back there explaining all the items that were not allowed on board?

Passenger: Well, I started to read it, and I then got a little distracted.

Security: A little? Sir. How many times have you flown on an airplane?

Passenger: Uh, it’s been a while. I think the last time I traveled by plane was about, uh, 1960 . . .

Security: Sir. Why don’t you come with me? [WHAT?] I think my supervisor would like to ask you a few questions.

Passenger: Oh, no!

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • additional (adjective): more 
    – Any additional bags will cost you $50 to take on your trip.
  • peel (verb): remove the skin of fruit or vegetables 
    – I usually peel the skin off apples because my kids don’t like to eat it.
  • prohibited (adjective): not permitted or allowed 
    – Weapons of any kind are prohibited on the plane.
  • item (noun): thing 
    – Please place small items under your seat on the airplane.
  • distracted (adjective): not paying attention 
    – The woman was distracted by her cell phone and crashed into the car in front of her.
  • supervisor (noun): a person in charge, manager 
    – Excuse me. I want to talk to your supervisor about my missing bag.
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