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Memorial Day
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Instructions: Watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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There are many ways in which individuals and cultures remember those who have died, and certain ceremonies, activities, and food can be apart of this remembrance. Use the Internet to research how two different cultures remember their dead? How are these activities similar or different from your own?

Questions: [ See Script ]

1. Memorial Day is traditionally the day when people remember those who _______.

A. died during times of war
B. have served in government positions
C. have special needs in the community

2. What is one activity NOT mentioned in the video about what people do at cemeteries?

A. decorate graves with flowers
B. clean around the gravesite
C. leave food and burn incense

3. According to Randall, people also ________________.

A. go out to eat with friends and neighbors
B. cook food and visit with family
C. set off fireworks in parks

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