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“Neighborhood Apartments”

Instructions: Watch this video and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment? What about a college dormitory or homestay? How about a house? Select a city or area you would like to live someday. Then, use the Internet to search for housing options, including information on cost, convenience, and contract details. 

Video Script

Hi, I’m Randall. Many, many years ago when my wife and I first got married, we lived in a very small one-bedroom apartment, and it only cost two hundred dollars a month, so it was ideal for students like ourselves.

The other thing is that we lived so close to downtown, just about five minutes away, so it was very convenient if we needed to go downtown.

And the other thing about having an apartment is you don’t have to do yard work. Let someone else take care of that for you.

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