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English Culture Videos

“Lawn Care”

Instructions: Watch this video and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page.

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

Imagine that you want to grow a garden . . . or any living plant . . . outside of your place (either in a garden or in a pot). What plants would grow and thrive in your area? Use the Internet to investigate the best plants that would live in your area and suit your needs. Discuss your ideas with a partner.

Video Script

Hi, I’m Randall. You know, one of the things I like the least, at least in owning a home is taking care of the yard. In our case, I have to mow the yard at least once a week during the spring and summer. And I have an old mower; it’s 10 years old, and it’s not self-propelled, so you have to push it all the time.

And the only good thing about it is I can use the grass clippings in the garden; as they break down, they enrich the soil for the next year as I plant the garden.

So, I hope that you live in a climate where you don’t have to worry about these things.

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