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General Listening Quiz

“Dating Game – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Game Show Host: Hello, everyone and welcome to the Dating Game, where men and women meet the people of their dreams. Now, let’s have our contestants introduce themselves, and then Sarah can ask some questions. Here we go. Contestant number one.

Ryan: Hi, Sarah. My name is Ryan, and I’m 27 years old, and I work as a doctor at City Hospital. I enjoy reading books on history, hiking with my dog, Amelia, and eating Japanese food. I also like a woman who loves adventure, is open to new ideas, and likes discussing world politics and government.

Game Show Host: Okay. Well, thank you, un Ryan. Let’s go on to Contestant Number 2.

Nate: Hi, Sarah. I’m Nate, and I’m 24 years old, and I’m a guitar player in a rock band. I love traveling to new countries, watching action movies, and playing video games with my friends. And I love women who like my music, don’t mind loud rock music, and a person who loves a good cheeseburger over the grill. I think I’m the man for you.

Game Show Host: Well, thank you Nate. That’s Contestant Number 2. Let’s go on to Contestant Number 3.

Charles: Hi, Sarah. My name is Charles, and I’m 29 years old, and I teach English at the University of Utah. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, gardening, and raising chickens in my backyard. I also help feed the homeless once a week. I also speak three languages, and I prefer women who have a good sense of humor, and can cook all kinds of food, and who find joy in serving others.

Game Show Host: Well, there we have it. Three contestants. And we will have Sarah ask these contestants questions right after this commercial break.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • contestant (noun): a person who takes part in a game or contest 
    – My brother was a contestant on a game show, and he won $10,000.
  • adventure (noun): a dangerous or exciting experience 
    – Brittany loves adventure, so she will enjoy the camping trip.
  • discuss (verb): talk about something with a person or group 
    – You should discuss your plans for the date with Tonya before you leave.
  • mind (verb): be bothered by something, dislike 
    – I don’t mind dating people who are interested in different things.
  • gardening (noun): the hobby of taking care of plants in a garden 
    – I enjoy gardening in my free time.
  • prefer (verb): like something or someone better that something else 
    – I prefer cooking a meal at home to eating at a restaurant.
  • joy (noun): great happiness 
    – Joy is important in a relationship, and sadness can be turned to joy with love.
  • serve (verb): help or give service, volunteer your time 
    – You can find great joy when you serve family, friends, and strangers.
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