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General Listening Quiz

“Security Systems – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on security systems and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Bank Teller: Hi. How can I help you?

Robber: Uh, this is a stick-up . Put all the money in the bag . . . now.

Bank Teller: What? What are you talking about? I’m going to get the manager.

Robber: Wait! I have a gun.

Bank Teller: Where?

Robber: In . . . in my pocket . . . see?

Bank Teller: What? Ah, that’s not a gun. That’s your hand made to look like a gun.

Robber: That’s what you think, so don’t do anything funny . . . and don’t press any alarms. Nothing. Just put the money in the bag.

Bank Teller: Okay, but I only have a few dollars and some loose change in my register.

Robber: I don’t care. Just stuff it in this bag.

Bank Teller: I mean, you could make more money setting up a lemonade stand outside the bank and selling each cup for twenty-five cents.

Robber: I don’t care! Give me the money NOW. Good grief!

Bank Teller: Okay, okay. You don’t have to get all worked up about it. [Come on!] Let’s see . . . Here are a few ones [Come on . . . hurry up!!], a couple of tens. . . . some coins. [Come on!] Oh, look! Here’s an old 1935 penny. I haven’t seen one of those in a while.

Robber: Come on! Stop the chit-chat and fill the bag.

Bank Teller: Okay, okay. Cranky, aren’t we. Oh, your bag has a small hole in it. Let me get you a new one.

Robber: Small hole . . . big hole. I . . . I don’t care. Put the money in your sock if you have to.

Bank Teller: Well, you see, I’m still in training as a new bank teller, and my boss is evaluating me today, so I have to do things just right, or the bank won’t keep me on.

Robber: Ah, come on!

Bank Teller: Well, I’ll be. It looks like someone’s car is being towed out front. [Uh, what?Poor devil. [Oh, ahhh!] Boy, that’s sure going to ruin someone’s day. [Oh, man!] Oh, so, where were we? Okay, before I give you the bag of money, could you fill out this satisfaction survey rating your service today?

Robber: Augh! Does it look like I have any time for that?

Bank Teller: Ah, do me a favor! I’ll even throw in an extra lollipop.

Robber: Ah, tell me this isn’t happening to me! Look, this is supposed to be a bank robbery, and not an afternoon picnic.

Bank Teller: Alright. But I’d suggest you turn around now. Those nice police officers seem like they want to talk to you . . . or something.

Robber: Ah, everything’s going wrong for me today!

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • stick-up (noun): a robbery where a gun is often used
    – Three men burst into the story and announced it was a stick-up, and they demanded that everyone get on the floor.
  • stuff (verb): fill a space completely, often in a quick and careless manner 
    – The shoplifter stuffed the stolen merchandise in his socks and pants before she left the store.
  • good grief: an expression of disgust or surprise
    – Good grief! I can’t believe you’re hiding your money.
  • get worked up about something (idiom): become upset or emotional about something 
    – There was nothing we could have done to stop the robber from taking our money, so we shouldn’t get worked up about the theft. We just learn from the situation and move on.
  • chit-chat (noun): informal conversation about unimportant or trivial matters
    – Be sure to read carefully the terms of the lease before you sign it because you will be bound to the agreement.
  • cranky (adjective): easily annoyed or angered person
    – Our manager was very cranky this morning when he found out someone had stolen money from the cash register.
  • keep someone on (idiom): allow someone to remain in a position
    – The company decided not to keep my boss on because he was somewhat responsible for not protecting merchandise from shoplifters.
  • tow (verb): remove illegally parked vehicles
    – The police have warmed shoppers in the downtown area that if they park illegally, they can expect to have their cars towed without notice.
  • poor devil (noun): someone you feel sorry for
    – My roommate trashed our place while I was gone on vacation.
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