General Listening Quiz

“Movie Reviews”

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difficult entertainment man – girl 01:14

Pre-Listening Exercise

What movie rating systems or guidelines are used in different countries to determine to appropriateness for different audiences? In the United States, the classifications of “G,” “PG,” “PG-13,” “R,” and “NR-17” (See Motion Picture Association of America for more details). What rating systems are used to rank the quality of movies?


a flop” = a bad movie
Don’t see that movie. It was a real flop. The acting and the special effects were terrible.”

catch a movie” = watch a movie
I plan on catching a movie if I get bored over the weekend.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

How does the father describe the movie?

Father: Well, overall, I'm a little disappointed with the movie. I mean, the story was a little bizarre, you have to admit.

Whose performance do father and daughter agree upon in the movie?

Daughter: Well, he was a little . . . unusual [Yeah, yeah], but the ship's doctor was amazing.

The father disagrees with his daughter about the movie's ____.

Daughter: Ah, I thought it was fantastic [Uhhh]. I mean, you have to admit that the special effects were awesome, and the acting wasn't bad either. Father: Ah, come on. What about the ship's communications officer? I mean, what did you think about him? [

This movie is a ______.

Father: How believable is a plot about a captain who navigates his spaceship to the far reaches of the galaxy and encounters a race of frog people. I mean, come on.

This conversation takes place at _____.

Daughter: How do you know? You were snoring so loud the neighbors probably had to close their windows. It was that bad. Father: Ah, well, let's go to bed

Post-Listening Exercise

What do you consider are the most important elements of a movie: the plot, special effects, the leading actors, the moral message, the genre? Share your thoughts with a partner.

Online Investigation

Read a review of a popular movie at an online review site. Do you agree with the reviews for those movies you have seen? What makes a good movie? Consider the acting, special effects, plot, supporting cast, and music score. Discuss your opinions on the topic.