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General Listening Quiz

“Movie Reviews – Script”

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on movie reviews and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences. 

Daughter: Dad, Dad, Dad!

Father: Uh, what, what, uh, uh!?!?

Daughter: The movie’s over. You slept through the best part.

Father: Ah, ah, I must have dozed off during the last few minutes.

Daughter: Right. You were gone for so long you should have brought your pillow and blanket. So, what did you think about it?

Father: Well, overall, I’m a little disappointed with the movie. I mean, the story was a little bizarre, you have to admit. I mean, really. How believable is a plot about a captain who navigates his spaceship to the far reaches of the galaxy and encounters a race of frog people. I mean, come on.

Daughter: Ah, I thought it was fantastic [Uhhh]. I mean, you have to admit the special effects were awesome, and the acting wasn’t bad either.

Father: Ah, come on. I mean, what about the ship’s communications officer? I mean, what did you think about him? [Well . . .] Wasn’t he a little weird to you? He was always talking to himself, and he had that funny hairdo?

Daughter: Well, he was a little . . . unusual [Yeah, yeah], but the ship’s doctor was amazing. It was so cool when he brought the captain back to life during one of the battles.

Father: That was pretty realistic, but then the rest of the movie just went from bad to worse. And the photography was so fake!

Daughter: How do you know? You were snoring so loud (the) neighbors probably had to close their windows. It was that bad.

Father: Ah, well, let’s go to bed

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • doze off (verb): to fall asleep
    – The little girl began to doze off after spending the whole afternoon at the park.
  • bizarre (adjective): strange, absurd, weird
    – His behavior was so bizarre that he lost his job because of it.
  • plot (noun): the story of a book, play, or movie
    – I was fascinated by the movie’s plot and sound track.
  • admit (verb): accept or acknowledge
    – You must admit that the ending of the movie was a little weak.
  • awesome (adjective): fantastic, great, wonderful 
    – The movie was awesome. It was the best I have seen in a long time.
  • weird (adjective): strange, absurd, unusual
    – The book’s plot was too weird for me, so I returned it to the library.
  • fake (adjective): not real, not authentic
    – The scene where the doctor was killed by the shark was so fake. You could easily tell that the shark was just a plastic model.
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