General Listening Quiz

“Funerals: Expressing Condolences”

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difficult funerals man and woman 01:31

Pre-Listening Exercise

What are some common expressions you say to people who have lost a loved one due to illness, accident, or other circumstances?


pass away” = die
My father passed away last night after a long battle with cancer.”

dead to the world” = deep in sleep
He’s dead the world even with all the noise going on around him.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

How did Tim's father probably die?

Tim: Thanks. As you know, he had been sick for some time before he passed away, so we were somewhat prepared.

How is his mother taking the passing of her husband?

Tim: Oh, it's been really hard on her. I don't think you get over something like that.

His mother is going to support herself by _____.

Tim: Well, financially, mom will be able to live a secure life from now on. I mean, Dad had life insurance and substantial investments in property and stocks, so returns on those should take care of her.

The viewing for Tim's father is _____.

Tim: Well, some of the family members will get together on Tuesday morning for a private memorial service, but there will be a viewing in the afternoon from 2:00 to 3:00, followed by the funeral service.

Tim has asked Heather to _______ at the funeral.

Tim: Well, actually, there is. [Oh?]. You know, Dad really admired you a lot, and before he died, he asked if you'd sing a musical number at the funeral.

Post-Listening Exercise

Discuss how funerals in your hometown differ from family to family based on cultural background, religion, and family customs. Use the Internet to collect information on these differences.

Online Investigation

Choose a country that interests you. Then, use the Internet to find the answers to these questions:

  1. What are the common funeral practices in this country?
  2. What usually takes place during a funeral?
  3. What do people wear, both men and women?
  4. Are there any special foods that people prepare and eat after the funeral?