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Web Site Update – April 2020

Hi everyone,

Wow! It has been a significant period of uncertainty, anxiety, and loss–of life, employment, and security—as nations, communities, friends, and family struggle with the realities of COVID-19. For my part, I am committed to sustaining and enhancing my Web site during this period so teachers and English learners can find opportunities to improve their teaching and language skills. Here is my COVID-19 response to the situation in my area:

COVID-19 Response – Video


May you find opportunities to support those who are most in need of food, shelter, friendship, and so many other daily necessities.

I have also received a number of questions about adding links of specific pages of my site within a content-management system like Canvas.
In other words, many teachers are now teaching online classes during the current pandemic of COVID-19, and as part of their teaching, they want to refer students to other online learning materials. Teachers often want to create lessons, and in those lessons, they want to point to a specific listening activity to which students can go outside of Canvas to practice their language skills.
This idea of posting direct links to my site is perfectly fine, and I give teachers permission to do this. In other words, teachers are not downloading my content and uploading to their Web sites or Canvas, but are simply putting a link in lesson to an activity on my site for students to do.
I also might suggest teachers review my Self-study Guide with organizes my listening activities by topic.
If you have an questions regarding this, please let me know.
I also would suggest talking a look at my other listening sites for more content: