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“COVID-19 Response”

Instructions: Watch this video on COVID-19 and answer the questions. Then, read the script at the bottom of the page. 

Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

What has been the social, economic, and emotional impact of COVID-19 in your area? Think of one idea for each area of impact. Use the Internet to collect information on this question.

Video Script

[ NOTE: A parade of about 100 cars passed by the assisted living center while the residents watched. People did NOT leave their cars and did not get close to the residents, maintaining about a 10-meter distance from the people to avoid spreading the virus. ]

Hi, I’m Randall, and let me go ahead and take off my mask.

And we find ourselves in a period of great . . . well . . . stress and anxiety with COVID-19 and impacting so many people around the world. Hundreds of thousands in the United States alone. Twelve thousand people have died so far.

And right behind me is where my father lives. He’s in assisted living, and you can see cars lining up. There are flags . . .  people walking by, and basically, the purpose of the event today is kind of to remind those that are here in assisted living that they’re not alone. People are often talking about social distancing. I prefer the term, “physical distancing” because . . . well . . . you still want to maintain that relationship, and during this particular period, maintain a distance of at least six feet (1.8 meters), wash your hands, uh, just take preventative measures

But I really enjoy the idea of coming by and visiting people in assisted living like this, so they (the residents) don’t feel alone, so they don’t feel afraid, so just remember: reach out to people who you feel are alone during this particular time to cheer them up, to kind of bolster their spirits in any way you can, and this is one way I think people are trying to do this in my area.

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