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Website Update September 2023

As I have done in the past, I want to remind teachers and students of the many learning resources on all of my sites.

I wish you a successful school year!

Feel free to add a link to any of my Websites in your class syllabus or online course.

1. Watch unscripted and natural conversations with some of my children on language and social issues.

2. Listen to life stories with various new voices and accents, plus a host of discussion questions, activities, and comprehension questions in collaboration with new AI technologies. Everything in this section is aimed at building critical-thinking skills, and I try to include a variety of relevant topics for everyday living and conversation.

3. Watch my video tutorials on how to use my Website more effectively. Often, people tell me, “Oh, I didn’t know that I could do that on your site!”

4. Download and share my instructional handouts in PDF format that can help inform others about the site’s content. These are very helpful in spreading the word on how to learn English online. Post them to your social media feeds if you like.

5. Visit the different sections of my site for audio and video listening practice. Some of these areas include:

6. Try over 300 vocabulary quizzes that recycle the topics and vocabulary from my listening activities.

7. Watch over 50 broadcast episodes with teachers and students worldwide, where we discuss language and culture. Each episode contains learning activities to extend your learning.

8. Enjoy language games that engage learners in fun ways.

9. Watch my video lessons on useful English idioms.

10. You can also visit my other online channels for learning content and information:

My other Websites: