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Website Update May 2024

A lot has happened over the past two months, including presenting at the TESOL 2024 International Convention in Tampa, Florida. It was an interesting conference in which everything seemed to revolve around the use of AI technologies in the language classroom and its application in materials development. A colleague and I gave our own presentation on how to leverage AI in language teaching, and we reported on research that we had done on teachers’ perceptions of AI.

I also continue to create content on this website that includes authentic and unscripted video interviews on a variety of topics. Now, I have organized the interviews by topic to help teachers and learners find content that supports their areas of interest. I have many other videos that I am editing, and I will continue to build these lessons throughout the summer.

I also am preparing for some upcoming presentations during the summer on technology, and I am planning on some family activities that often serve as the springboard to new ideas on my websites.

Wishing you all the best in your teaching and learning.