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Website Update June 2023

Hi all,

As spring has slowly turned to summer in Utah, work on my website has been nothing but fast-paced, specifically when the opening of a new section called Life Stories.

Behind the scenes for the past couple of months, I have been developing a whole new series of activities that focus on developing discussion and critical-thinking skills using ever-evolving AI technologies. More specifically, I have combined my expertise and experience in materials development with the power of ChatGPT and an advanced AI voice generator to create new content and a wide array of voices and accents.

What does this mean in simple terms?

New exciting content done in new ways that had never been possible. Such technologies will content to evolve at a rapid pace, and what websites and language-learning materials will look like into the future is uncertain, but judicious and thoughtful use of technology in pedagogically-sound ways is certainly exciting.

I certainly invite comments, suggestions, and questions about these developments.