Vocabulary Lessons

“People Search”


People come in all shapes and sizes, from newborn infants to senior citizens and beyond. Searching for people is easier when you know what people look like. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context. You can use the Internet to find such sentences.

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

  • newborn infant
  • baby
  • toddler (tike)
  • preschooler
  • child
  • kid
  • youngster
  • teenager
  • young adult
  • middle-aged man
  • senior citizen
  • teens
  • twenty something
  • thirty-“ish”
  • early forties
  • mid fifties
  • late sixties
  • average build
  • petite
  • overweight
  • skinny
  • stocky
  • thin
  • average height
  • tall
  • short


My sister's boyfriend, Matt, is in his early ______, has an average build, and is tall.

I didn't get a good look at the man, but he was probably forty-ish, ______ (the weightlifter type), and was about average height.

Esther was carrying her _______ who was born just three days ago.

Follow-Up Activity

Describe a person in your family, a close friend, or a classmate using the words above. Then, select a picture from a magazine or the Internet, describe the picture without showing it to a partner, and then have your partner draw a simple picture of what you say.