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Vocabulary Lessons

“Family Tree”


Family relationships are an important part of our lives, from birth of children, to weddings, to our old age. However, learning to get along with everyone is sometimes a challenge. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context. You can use the Internet to find such sentences and related information.

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

  1. brother
  2. cousin
  3. ex-husband
  4. family
  5. father
  6. father-in-law
  7. fiancée
  8. girlfriend
  9. grandparents
  10. husband
  11. mother
  12. nephew
  13. niece
  14. sister
  15. step-brother
  16. twin
  17. widow / widower
  18. wife
  • get a long (well) with
  • get divorced
  • get married / tie the knot
  • hang out with


Follow-Up Activity

Talk about your family, including what they do for a living, if they are married or not, and how well you get along with each member. Then, discuss what things contribute to a happy family (e.g., having things in common, sharing the same ideals and feelings, etc.). Search for advice and keys on raising a happy family. Finally, are these keys to success different from culture to culture?

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