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Job Hunting

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I. Introduction:

Finding the right job often takes preparation, time, and patience. As part of this, people get training or go to school to get an education to prepare them for their future profession. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context, as seen in the example. You can use the Internet to find such sentences.

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  1. athlete
  2. bus operator
  3. chef
  4. computer programmer (also, computer consultant)
  5. doctor
  6. engineer
  7. fire fighter
  8. lawyer
  9. manager
  10. nurse
  11. police officer
  12. postal carrier
  13. professor
  14. public official
  15. receptionist
  16. sales clerk
  17. secretary
  18. server
  19. teacher
  20. webpage designer

II. Practice: Top
Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:
1. Gary works as a _________ downtown, and he enjoys serving the public by keeping our community safe from crime.

A. professor B. postal carrier C. police officer

2. My brother is employed as a __________ at a medical clinic.

A. nurse B. fire fighter C. sales clerk

3. My sister was one of five people hired to work at the new restaurant. From my experience, a ___________ can make a good living from the gratuities (tips) he or she receives from customers.

A. server B. secretary C. engineer

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Correct answers:

III. Follow-Up: Top
What are some of the hottest (most popular) jobs in your city or country now? What are some of the qualifications for those occupations, and what is the average salary for each? Use the Internet to help you search this topic.

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