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Cars and Driver's Education

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I. Introduction:

Going to a driving school and getting a driver's license are only the first steps to handling a motor vehicle responsibly. Here are some words that can help you learn about cars and licenses. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context. You can use the Internet to find such sentences.

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  1. accident
  2. car
  3. car insurance
  4. car payment
  5. cruise
  6. drive
  7. driver's education / driving school
  8. driver's license
  9. driving test
  10. gas
  11. insurance premium
  12. international driver's license
  13. maintenance
  14. mileage
  15. motorcycle
  16. motorist
  17. rules of the road
  18. ticket

II. Practice: Top
Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:
1. If you have teenagers who drive, your ______________ will most likely increase because this age group is at a higher risk for accidents.

A. car insurance premiums B. car payments C. gas

2. If you do routine ______________ to your car, like changing the oil, you are less likely to have mechanical problems later on.

A. mileage B. maintenance C. motorist

3. Some young people tend to _____________ around town aimlessly with no specific purpose or destination in mind.

A. drive B. cruise C. stroll

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III. Follow-Up: Top
What are the requirements for getting a driver's license in your area (e.g., age, length or residency, number of hours of on-the-road training, insurance, etc.). Then, check the Internet to see what schools offer such lessons in your city.

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