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200 + Vocabulary Quizzes (See a selection of them HERE).

The whole purpose of my Website is NOT to test listening comprehension. Instead, I want students to LEARN how to listen and then use the activities to improve their overall communication skills in natural situations. To do this, I have created more than 200 vocabulary quizzes (to go with my current listening activities) that recycle the key vocabulary. After students do these new quizzes, they should do the Post-Listening Exercises (speaking and online investigation tasks) that really help learners apply (use) the language they are studying. See the Teaching Tips page for more information. At the present time, all of the quizzes work on computers, and some of them function on portable devices such as an iPhone or iPad. I am experimenting with different formats to make them available to mobile users.

Unfortunately, for many ESL/EFL students, their language progress begins to slow down once they reach the intermediate level, and the main problem is lack of vocabulary and how they try to learn it. Therefore, I strongly suggest that students do all of the vocabulary exercises for each listening activity AND then do the Post-Listening Activity with a friend or classmate.

You will find direct links to these vocabulary quizzes in each listening activity in the General Listening section of my site. I haven't completed this project, so I will continue to add more vocabulary exercises in the months to come. Here is what the links will look like:

Quiz Page

In the Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer Questions, you select the best answer for each question, and in some cases, write the answer that best fits:

In the Mixed-Up Sentence Exercise, you have to place key words used in the listening conversation in order:

Mix Quiz

In the Matching Exercise, you need to put the key words next to the sentences in which they are used:

Match Quiz

Here are two examples for you to try from listening activity, Travel Arrangements:

Again, once students have completed these vocabulary activities, they should now go back to the quiz page and do the Post-Listening Exercise to develop their speaking skills.

Scoring the Activities

The scoring of the activities tries to test how well you understand the content based on your attempts to answer the questions. Here are some general rules:

  1. You lose points for asking for a hint or a clue.
  2. You lose points if you check your answers and some of them are wrong.
  3. Your final score includes all of your correct answers minus guesses and hints. Here's an example:
  1. There are five items. You make your choices, and check your answer.
  2. One of your items is wrong, so you lose one point for a guess with a wrong answer.
  3. You correct your mistake and check again. Your final score is:

    5 correct out of 5, minus one penalty point for your incorrect check, which is 4 / 5 => 80%

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