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Answering Machine

II. Listening Exercises
Listen to the phone message again by pressing the Play button and read along with the conversation. Review the Key Vocabulary and the sample sentences.

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[Phone ringing . . .]

Bill: Hey, this is Bill. I'm sorry I'm not in. Just leave a message.


Hey Bill. This is Hank. I'm just calling to let you know that I'll be a little late to the game tomorrow night. I have to work a few extra hours to finish a report. I should wrap things up sometime between seven and eight though. Oh, then I'm planning on dropping by Lisa's house for about an hour since she's been sick recently. And, uh, one more thing. I'll swing by my house to pick up some food for the game. See you then.

Key Vocabulary [Top]
Listen to the key vocabulary and sample sentences:

  • wrap up (phrasal verb): to finish
    - We need to wrap up this project by the end of the day.

  • drop by (phrasal verb): to visit
    - Please drop by my place on your way home from work.

  • swing by (phrasal verb): drop by, stop by
    - I need to swing by the store and pick up some food for dinner.

Vocabulary Activities [Top]
Now, do these exercises to review the vocabulary. Then, return back to the Post-Listening Exercise to use the vocabulary in real conversations.

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