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Martial Arts:
Protecting Yourself

Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation again by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the conversation. Review the Key Vocabulary and the sample sentences.

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Man: Hey, stop. [What?] And give me your money.

Woman: What? No, no. Listen here.

Man: No, you listen. Hand over your purse, and I won't hurt you.

Woman: You've got to be joking.

Man: Do I look like I'm joking?

Woman: Heh. Look. I only have two dollars in change.

Man: I don't care. Give it to me! And your phone and credit cards.

Woman: Okay. Listen. Obviously, you haven't thought this through. I mean, who's going to rob someone as they walk out of a karate studio? Really?

Man: Right. You don't fool me. Anyone can get a black belt online in 10 minutes. And I have a knife.

Woman: Listen, mister. I'm telling you to back off. I'm a fifth-degree black belt, and I've trained for 25 years. I don't want to hurt you, but I'll defend myself if I have to.

Man: Alright, baby. Let me have it.

Woman: You'd better call 911 first.

Man: Right.

[Punches and kicks and yells and screams . . . ]

Man: Ahh, oh, man. Ooohhhh. That hurts.

Woman: Yeah. Listen. Here's your two dollars. You'll need them to cover your medical bills.

Key Vocabulary [Top]

  • hand over (verb): give up possession of something
    - Robert had to hand over his driver's license to the police because they caught him drinking and driving.

  • obviously (adverb): clearly
    - Obviously, Jennifer can protect herself because she practices judo three times a week.

  • think something through (verb): think about or consider something carefully
    - Why don't you think things through before you buy that expennsive car?

  • fool someone (verb): trick or deceive someone
    - The robber fooled everyone at the bank by wearing a wig and a pink dress.

  • back off (verb): move away from someone
    - The dog didn't back off when I yelled at it.

  • cover (verb): pay for something
    - My parents are going to cover my tuition at college next semester.

Vocabulary Activities [Top]

Now, do these exercises to review the vocabulary. Then, return back to the Post-Listening Exercise to use the vocabulary in real conversations. [Why do these?]

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