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“My Dream Car”



Pre-Listening Question

What is your image of the ideal car, and what features does it have?

Vocabulary and Expressions

Here are some words and expressions that appear in the video:

practical (adjective): logical or reasonable for a particular situation
– This car isn’t practical for our family because there aren’t enough seats for everyone.

draw (verb): attract
– This car attracts a lot of buyers because of its excellent gas mileage.

take a nap (idiom): take a short period of sleep
– I sometimes take a nap in my car after work.

along the lines of (idiom): similar to something else
– My father wanted to buy a car along the lines of this one on this Web site.

Listening Comprehension Questions

Now, watch the interview and answer the comprehension questions. You can also turn on the automatically-generated captions for the video once you start it.


Randall: In this video, Aubrey, let’s talk about your dream car. Everyone has their own vision of a dream car, whether it’s a Lamborghini, whether it’s uh, a BMW, or other. And for you, what would be your dream car? Number one, where would you take it? Number two. And who would go with you?

Aubrey: Okay, so if I’m being practical, right?

Randall: Well, [My dream practical car . . . ] you don’t have to be practical.

Randall: But, but let’s start with practicality.

Aubrey: Practicality. If I was being practical, my dream car would be my current car because I have a really nice car paid off. Right. That would be if I’m gonna be practical.

Randall: Okay.

Aubrey: Now, if this other dream car can be completely paid off, right? I don’t end up with a car loan.

Randall: Yup.

Aubrey: I’m getting a Tesla.

Randall: Okay.

Aubrey: It’s electric.

Randall: And what is it about a Tesla that attracts you?

Aubrey: Yeah. So I think the thing that draws me to the Tesla, it’s like the environmental controls. Like, you could totally take a nap in a Tesla and be perfectly comfortable in it because it’s electric, so you’re not idling an engine.

Randall: Oh, that makes sense.

I also like that it has like driving assisting features, right? It really can drive itself. Although you’re not supposed to do that. I hate driving, so it would be nice to have a little bit of help from a car when I’m driving in that canyon uh, between our, our houses because I hate doing it.

Aubrey: And as far as where I would go, like I’m not much of a traveler, but I would definitely drive more often like and go more places. Um, because, you know, gas prices are so expensive, and a Tesla’s all-electric.

Randall: Right.

Aubrey: Plus, like I said, um, you know, it can help you drive. Like you know you’ve got lane correction and I wonder if it does parallel parking. I bet it does. It’s expensive enough. Because I don’t know how to parallel park but yeah definitely a Tesla.

Randall: Good. And would you go with someone or do you just enjoy driving on your own?

Aubrey: Well, my dog would definitely come with me more often.

Randall: Okay

Aubrey: Um, because then I could, you know, go to the store and just put it in dog mode, which is a mode that the Teslas have. It’s an environmentally controlled mode. And then the screen says, you know, something along the lines of I’m safe, it’s 78 degrees in here.

Randall: Oh wow!

Aubrey: You know.

Randall: That uh, I don’t have that feature in my 2004 uh, car.

Aubrey: Nope.

Randall: Well, that’s great, and thanks for sharing your preferences and your ideal dream car.

Conversation Questions


  1. What is the topic of the conversation between Randall and Aubrey?
  2. According to Aubrey, what would be her practical dream car?
  3. What are some features of a Tesla that attract Aubrey?
  4. Why does Aubrey mention the environmental controls of a Tesla as one of its appealing features?
  5. How does Aubrey’s current car fit into her practical dream car scenario?
  6. Why does Aubrey mention the driving assistance features of a Tesla?


  1. Analyze Aubrey’s preference for a Tesla as her dream car, considering both environmental and practical factors.
  2. Discuss the potential benefits of owning an electric car, such as a Tesla, in terms of cost savings and convenience.
  3. Examine Aubrey’s statement about enjoying driving with the assistance of a car and the implications it has for personal preferences and attitudes towards driving.

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