General Listening Quiz

"World Cup Soccer - Script"

Listening Exercise

Listen to the recording on world cup soccer and read along with the conversation. Review the key vocabulary and the sample sentences.

Woman: Hey. Have you been watching any of the World Cup soccer matches?

Man: Well, I was watching until my favorite team was bounced out of the first round of play. I mean, they should have made all the way to the second round, but a whole series of events cost the team the opportunity to prove themselves on the world stage.

Woman: What do you mean?

Man: Well, in the first match, two of their star players were out with nagging injuries, so the rest of the players, unfortunately, just couldn't keep up with the opposing team.

Woman: Well, that just life. I mean every team is going to have players out with injuries.

Man: Yea, but that's beside the point. And, and then, in the second game, the refs made some terrible calls, allowing the opposing team to slip by with a victory. I mean, we were robbed on that one. The refs must have been walking in their sleep!

Woman: But, didn't one of your own players accidentally kick the ball twice into his own goal? I mean that doesn't sound like a bad call to me.

Man: That's just beside the POINT!

Woman: Really?

Man: And finally, our team was ahead in the final watch---I mean they were way out ahead until the other team rallied in the final three minutes of play to squeak out a victory. It was a total embarrassment for our team. Our team was booed. All I can say is that the sun must have been in our players' eyes . . .

Woman: Uh, wasn't it a night game?

Man: That's beside the point, too. You just not understanding anything I'm saying.

Woman: So, who are you rooting for now, seeing that your team has been eliminated?

Man: Ah, I can't watch any more soccer, so I've been following an online chess tournament.

Woman: What?! Now, that has to be the most ridiculous reaction I have ever heard of. So, you're going to completely boycott the rest of the play just because your team got bounced out of the tournament?

Man: Ah, forget it. You just don't understand.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • be bounced out of (verb): be eliminated from 
    - The team will be bounced out of of the tournament unless they improve their play.
  • nagging (adjective): a continual unpleasant feeling that lasts for a long time 
    - I've had a nagging pain in my neck that just won't go away.
  • keep up with (verb): keep pace with or up to the level with 
    - I never could keep up with with my brother when we ran races in high school.
  • slip by (verb): barely pass by 
    - My sister was able to slip by the final runner near the end of the race.
  • rally (verb): come together for a common effort 
    - The company employees rallied together to help a coworker who was suffering from cancer.
  • squeak out (verb): barely pass or win something 
    - Unfortunately, our team wasn't able to squeak out a victory in the last two minutes of play.
  • root for (verb): show support for 
    - The more fans that come to the event and root for the team, the better luck we might have.
  • boycott (verb): refuse to take part in something 
    - Several countries boycotted the sporting event due to political issues.